A Garden for All The Family

  • Colourful all year for a young creative couple, keen to experiment with plants
  • Elements of Yin and Yang show balanced, flowing shapes in an atmosphere for dreams and new ideas
  • Home to treasured objects that are recycled or collected from travels
  • Undercover 'secret' chill-out makes great use of forgotten space behind the out-house
  • Environmentally friendly window box, hand- painted and secured outside of kitchen for herbs
  • Facing northwest, so displays a heavily textured spectrum of shade and sun loving plants

"Our garden has become an invaluable addition to our house and we cannot wait to get in from a long day to spend as much time out there as possible. It makes us smile and feel positive and relaxed and we’ve been able to host some great barbeques too so big TICK and a thumbs up from us!"

Kelly & Neil - Sunniside